How A Simple Combination Got
My Mother Moving Again...

And Finally Gave Her A Natural
Option For Her Shoulder Pain 

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A sore shoulder was what my mother noticed first.
Then came the stiffness and the burning pain.
Soon, simple tasks around the house became too much for her… 
And her favorite hobby of gardening became agonizing.
We started making appointments with doctors and physical therapists…
But nothing we tried gave my mother any lasting relief. 
“Surgery might be your only option” 
I remember the doctor telling us before we left his office.
I could see from the look in my mother’s face that she was terrified of having an operation.
She wasn’t even sure it would help her.
In fact, one of our neighbors had a knee surgery last year…
And said he was in more pain now then before the operation!
So I looked into it a little more. 
As it turns out, sometimes surgery can make pain worse.
In 2013 a group of surgeons from Finland compared people who had surgery to people who did nothing…
And after 12 months the people who did nothing were better off than those who had the surgery!
As far as I could tell, the only difference was the people who had the surgery spent $15,000.
That’s a lot of money for something that might not work.
And that’s not even mentioning all the days in the hospital…
Plus the months of physical therapy…
I didn’t want that for my mother and neither did she.
So we decided to try a different approach. 

A Personal Experiment To Ease My 
Mother’s Shoulder Pain Naturally 

It wasn’t easy and it took more than a year to accomplish…
But I finally figured out a completely natural way to keep my mother off the operating table.
Now, a year later, my 67 year old mother is out in her garden every day.
She’s even able to run around with the grandkids.
And she’s sleeping much better now that she’s not tossing and turning in pain.
Sure, there are some days when she feels a little discomfort in her shoulder…
But whenever the pain becomes too much… 
She just takes the all-natural combination I created for her…
And it eases her pain rapidly.
She tells me the thing she loves most about it is how reliable it is.
“It works for me and I can feel the muscles
in my shoulder completely relax”.
Originally I created this combination just for my mother.
But it wasn’t long before the neighbors began asking for it.
That’s when I decided to turn it into a little “hobby” business and make it available for everyone.
If you’d like to try it for yourself just click the link below.


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